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TCRE coaches consult with a referee during a USGAA match with players listening in around them

Get to know our volunteer staff



Twin Cities Robert Emmets is an entirely volunteer-run organization. TCRE members and supporters thank all the dedicated individuals who give their time and talents to keep our club running!

All TCRE members are eligible to serve in any one of a number of volunteer positions, including our Board of Directors, league commissioners, coaches, and match day officials. Interested in volunteering? E-mail us or sign up for our e-mail newsletter to stay up to date on opportunities to be a part of our behind-the-scenes team.


Portrait of Ilon

Name: Ilon Preston (rhymes with "chillin'")
Position: Co-Chair
Day Job: Food Shelf Program Manager
Years with TCRE: 7
Goals as a player: Not panicking when I get the ball
Favorite thing about TCRE: The people and the relationships

Portrait of Meghan

Name: Meghan Crandall
Position: Co-Chair
Day Job: Elementary Librarian
Years with TCRE: 11
Favorite part of the game: Watching my camogie defense refusing to let anyone through
Favorite thing about TCRE: The thrill, passion, and energy at Nationals

Portrait of Megan

Name: Megan "McHattie" Cole
Position: Communications Chair, Assistant Coach (Hurling)
Years with TCRE: 11
Favorite thing about TCRE: The community of athletes and friends
Favorite TCRE memory:
Playing in Croke Park in 2019 at the GAA World games!

Portrait of Chad

Name: Chad Nelson
Position: Treasurer
Years with TCRE: 10
Goals as a player: Improving my skills and accuracy faster than my legs age
Favorite thing about TCRE: It's a fun group of people that motivate each other
Favorite TCRE memory:
Winning the USGAA title in a tropical storm

Portrait of Tara

Name: Tara Dooley
Position: Membership Chair
Day Job: Athletic Trainer
Years with TCRE: 7
Favorite thing about TCRE: The awesome relationships and the encouraging way we make each other better

Favorite TCRE memory: Playing at Croke Park and winning Nationals in the same year

Portrait of Amanda with dog Tillman

Name: Amanda Jarret Smith 
Position: Development Chair
Day Job: Climate Change and Energy Policy
Years with TCRE: 3
Favorite thing about TCRE: Everyone has been super nice and supportive while I learn the sport
Favorite part of the game: How many different options there are for handling the ball

Portrait of Zophia

Name: Zophia Raleigh

Position: Secretary
Day Job: Transportation and Logistics Business Analyst

Years with TCRE: 1
Favorite thing about TCRE: The camaraderie and people

Favorite part of the game: The feeling of success when a great play is made and someone does a happy dance to celebrate


Portrait of Tom

Name: Tom Crandall
Day Job: Retail Sales Manager
Years with TCRE: 13
Favorite thing about TCRE:  The people
Favorite hurling memory: Winning Nationals last year!

Portrait placeholder

Name: Adam Bakeman
Day Job: Project Manager, construction engineering consulting
Years with TCRE: 16
Favorite thing about TCRE: The people. Definitely the reason to keep coming back year after year.
Favorite part of the game:
Being able to read the game and be in the right position


Portrait placeholder

Name: Pete Farrell
Position: Head Coach (Hurling)
Day Job: Vice President at Fidelity Bank
Years with TCRE: 13
Favorite TCRE moment: Scoring a point from a terrible angle while falling down at a tournament in my first year when I still didn't understand the game.

Portrait of Phil

Name: Phil Day
Position: Co-Head Coach (Camogie)
Day Job: Special Education Teacher
Years with TCRE: 11, 27 total
Favorite TCRE moment: The end of every game because I know the torture is now over.

Portrait of Jake

Name: Jake McAlpine
Position: Co-Head Coach (Camogie)

Day Job: Secret Agent
Years with TCRE: 17 
Favorite TCRE moment: As a coach: winning 2 National Championships. As a player: playing in Ireland, AND winning a National Championship. 

Portrait placeholder

Name: Colin Dunphy
Position: Assistant Coach (Hurling)
Day Job:
Years with TCRE:
Favorite TCRE moment: 

Portrait of Stacey

Name: Stacey Peterson
Position: Skills Coach (Camogie)
Day Job: UX Designer
Years with TCRE: 13
Favorite thing about TCRE: The generosity toward new players who are learning the game for the first time

Favorite part of the game: Its role as a community and cultural institution

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