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A sliotar with the Twin Cities Robert Emmets logo sits on top of a hurley in the grass with players standing in the background

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A male player wears a green jersey with white trim, and a female player wears a green jersey with a black diagonal color block along the bottom. Both are holding hurleys, and between them is a USGAA trophy.


In celebration of our new travel team sponsor, Keeper's Heart Whiskey,  TCRE is thrilled to release our updated home team jerseys for the 2022 season. We can't wait to see our players take the field sporting our new look!

Get your supporter jersey and other official TCRE gear now from O'Neills.




Regardless of material or age, hurleys can break with regular use. Although some breaks may be repairable, committed players are encouraged to have at least 2 hurleys at any one time.

Be sure to confirm hurley length prior to ordering. If you are unsure of what length to buy, consult with a coach.


Torpey: Popular maker of traditional ash hurleys as well as the Bambú, a new type of sustainable hurley made with bamboo.


Cultec: Maker of synthetic hurleys popular with TCRE members for their durability and easy care.


Mycro: Another synthetic option that is available domestically from California-based retailer Play Hurling.


For those not yet ready to commit to purchasing a specialized hurling helmet, hockey and lacrosse helmets are fitting alternatives and may be used by players who already have one or wish to save time and money buying a helmet from a local sporting goods store.


Hurling helmets are available in the US from Play Hurling or shipped from Ireland from The GAA Store or O’Neills.

We recommend you confirm your size using one of TCRE's loaner helmets prior to ordering to ensure a proper, safe fit.


TCRE typically has club-branded sliotars in both size 5 (hurling) and size 4 (camogie) available for purchase for about $10 each. Players may also wish to purchase a specialized practice sliotar:

Wall Ball: Designed to be hit against a brick or cement wall. Unlike regular sliotars, which will quickly deteriorate when hit against a hard surface, wall balls are durable and have more bounce and speed on the return to better simulate game play. Great for practicing at home!


First Touch: These are soft, light-weight sliotars designed to help children and new players hone their skills with a slightly larger and less intimidating ball.


Grips: Many hurleys now come with grips, but if you need a new or replacement grip, TCRE has a limited number available to purchase. You can also use other types of sports grips, such as a tennis racket or baseball bat grip, or purchase a hurling grip online.

Gloves: Hurling gloves are an optional piece of equipment that feature an open palm for hand passing and a hard back to protect against strikes to the hand. Players who wear a hurling glove usually choose to wear one on their catching hand. TCRE has a limited number of gloves available for purchase, or you can get a hurling glove here. Alternatively, some players use lacrosse gloves, which offer similar protection but may make it harder to execute a hand pass.

Jerseys & Clubwear


Examples of O'Neills jerseys and clubwear, including a black and green hoodie with a TCRE crest on the left breast, black track bottoms with a white stripe down the leg and a TCRE crest on the thigh, a black and green t-shirt with a TCRE crest on the left breast, a grey, blue, and red GAA World Games camogie jersey, and a black and green striped TCRE jersey with Cara Irish Pubs as the sponsor

Want to show off your TCRE pride both on and off the field? O'Neills, Ireland's largest sportswear brand and TCRE travel team kit supplier, has provided a curated collection of high-quality clubwear with fast and easy shipping to the US. Get a customized supporter jersey in current or vintage styles, rain gear (always useful), track suit tops and bottoms, embroidered polos, and more. You can even relive the glory of 2019 with your own TCRE camogie GAA World Games jersey!

The collection is updated regularly with the latest styles. Check out the O'Neills TCRE clubwear shop now to see what's new.

Rules & Refereeing


As a volunteer-run organization, TCRE relies on passionate, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable individuals to provide officiating services. Qualified referees are an essential part of ensuring that City League matches are fair, accurate, and fun for all participants. In addition to on-field officiating, club members are often called upon to support referees by serving as sideline umpires or goal judges.


Whether officiating or simply enjoying the game as a spectator, a thorough understanding of the rules is a valuable addition to anyone's hurling or camogie experience. We highly recommend that all players stay up-to-date on current rules of play. 

News & Information



Watch highlight videos from the latest hurling matches in Ireland



Channel offering monthly updates on hurling in the US and Canada, skills tutorials, and more


Stay up to date on hurling and camogie news from Ireland's national broadcaster


Subscription streaming service featuring live and on-demand games, analysis, and more. Discounts are available for USGAA members!


See what's happening in Gaelic sports across the US


All players registered with the USGAA are covered by a supplemental accident insurance policy that provides additional coverage for injuries resulting from play. Benefits from this plan are assessed after to your own individual or group medical insurance.

If you require medical care as a result of a hurling or camogie-related accident, review the USGAA Player Insurance claim information and contact the TCRE Secretary for assistance in submitting a claim.

Player Insurance
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