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A hurler in a green Twin Cities jersey stands with arms outstretched, a hurley in one hand and a sliotar in the other, smiling
Everything you need to get involved



Did you know that most of our players didn’t learn hurling until they were adults? And although most have experience with team sports, some have never played another sport before. If they can do it, you can too!

New players can attend up to 5 training sessions for free, so why not give it a try? Find out everything you need to know before you head out to the pitch below.

When & Where To Try


TCRE (short for Twin Cities Robert Emmets; that’s what we call ourselves!) has three distinct seasons:


  • Summer: April through early September

  • Fall: mid-September through October

  • Winter: January through early March (indoors)


New players can join at any time, but for the greatest impact we suggest coming out at the beginning of a new season. We also recommend any new players attend at least one training session prior to participating in their first league match. Check our schedule for training times and locations!


TCRE training and matches occur in a number of locations throughout the Twin Cities, but summer and fall seasons are typically on the grounds at the Eagan Community Center, and the winter season is at Seafoam Stadium in St. Paul.

A note on hurling and camogie training sessions: During the summer season, there are separate training sessions for hurling (traditionally played by men) and camogie (traditionally played by women). All genders are welcome to participate in any training session, but players who wish to develop skills and game play knowledge necessary for play on a traveling team should plan to prioritize training with the corresponding team.

Age Requirements


The majority of our members are between the ages of 25 and 40, but a number of players continue to play well into their 40s and 50s. Some have even started playing for the first time well into their 40s and enjoy hurling alongside their teen or adult children.


Players in our City League must be at least 15 years of age. Any players 15 - 17 years of age must have signed consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate.


Younger children ages 10 - 14 who want to learn hurling are encouraged to sign up for the Young Emmets, TCRE's youth program, which takes place in the fall. Several Young Emmets players from years past have gone on to participate in our City League, so it's a great way to get started with the game!



New players coming to the field for the first time should wear appropriate athletic clothing and footwear. Cleats are not required, but highly recommended for safety and agility. There are no specialized shoes for hurling, so most of our players wear soccer cleats. A large bottle of water is also highly recommended. Hydration is important!

We will provide loaner helmets, hurleys (hurling stick), and sliotars (hurling ball, pronounced SLI-ter or SHLI-ter) for new players to use at training sessions and matches as they get used to the sport. Once you become a newly registered member of our club, you should plan to get your own equipment. Check out our resource page
for ideas on where and how to get hurling gear in the US.

Other safety gear: While helmets are the only required protective equipment, some players choose to wear shin guards, jock straps, or lacrosse gloves for additional safety.

What To Expect


When attending your first training session, be sure to arrive at least a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the coaches. They'll connect you with any equipment you need. Find who to look for on our Leadership & Coaching page.

A typical training session begins with a light jog and stretching. Then, as a new player, you'll get the chance to work with a coach to learn some of the basic skills before joining drills with the rest of the team. The coaches will work to match up people with comparable skill levels during drills. Even if you end up with more experienced players who are doing things at a fast pace, feel free to take your time. We want all new players to feel empowered to learn at their own speed.

Hurling is a physical game, so be prepared to sweat! Don’t feel like you have to be in great shape to participate, though. You can work as hard as you want. We think you'll find, though, that as you continue to practice and play the game your fitness will improve. Our players say that our training sessions are a fantastic and fun way to get and stay in shape!

Learning the Rules


You don’t need to know the rules of hurling before heading ot the field, but if you want to get a jump start you can check out our Rules & Skills page for an overview. If you ever have a question about anything you are seeing on the field, feel free to ask your teammates (or even your opponents!). Our members are happy to explain what’s happening.

Becoming a Member


If you’ve attended a few training sessions and have decided that hurling is the game for you, we highly encourage you to register for a TCRE membership. Being a member gives you access to play in our gender-inclusive City League, eligibility to play on one of our traveling teams, and much more. Plus, as a first-time member, you qualify for a reduced membership rate!

USGAA membership: In addition to your TCRE membership, all members must also register with the USGAA, the governing body of our sport in the United States. Registering with the USGAA ensures that you have access to supplemental player insurance and are eligible to play in sanctioned tournaments.

Contacting Us


There are a number of ways our members stay up to date about what’s going on with the club. We highly recommend that all new players sign up for our e-mail newsletter, which will include any critical updates such as changes to training or City League schedules, community and social events, and more.

Registered Club members gain access to the TCRE TeamSnap, an online portal where you will be able to see your team's City League match schedule, RSVP for games and training sessions, communicate with team members, and more. 

Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out!

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