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Two children strike a sliotar along the ground between them with hurleys in their hands

Hurling for kids ages 10+



The Young Emmets is a free program for kids and families looking for a unique sporting and cultural experience. Kids ages 10+ can discover the exciting, ancient game of hurling while developing athletic skills, practicing teamwork, and having a great time.*

The 2023 Young Emmets season starts September 17
Our Young Emmets program is entirely free! While registration is not required, we encourage any interested families to email us so that we can be prepared with the right size equipment for participants.

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* Kids 9 years of age with prior hurling, hockey, or lacrosse experience may be eligible to participate in the Young Emmets program with a skills assessment by one of our coaches.


Kids ages 15 - 17 are eligible to participate in our adult training sessions and City League with signed approval of a parent or legal guardian. Kids in this age range who have not been through the Young Emmets program may be required to demonstrate a minimum level of skill and athleticism in order to ensure their ability to play safely.

When is it?
Young Emmets sessions will take place Sundays, 2 - 3pm starting September 17th.

Where is it?
All sessions will take place at the Eagan Community Center Fields, which are located just off the far west side of the parking lot (look for the rugby goalposts).

What do I need to bring?
Participants should wear comfortable, athletic clothing appropriate for the weather and running shoes or cleats. Kids who have a hockey or lacrosse helmet may wear it in lieu of a hurling helmet (provided). All other equipment will be supplied.

What will my child be doing?
Kids will learn basic hurling skills from our experienced coaches, play games that help develop movement and coordination, and practice what they have learned with simple scrimmages.

Is Young Emmets co-ed?
Yes! Our Young Emmets program is gender-inclusive. Skills learned will be transferrable to both hurling and camogie, so youth who are interested in continuing with the game will be well prepared for either track.



Make a fun, hands-on memory for kids of all ages by bringing us to your school, summer camp, or event! Twin Cities Robert Emmets club members are available upon request to host hands-on workshops, demonstrations, or other educational experiences tailored to your needs. Send us an email and tell us more about how we can bring The Fastest Game on Grass to you!

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